What Can You Do with a Public Safety Management Degree? [2024 Guide]

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What can you do with a public safety management degree?

Public Safety Management Degree

In a public safety management program, you can develop skills that may make you a valuable candidate in a variety of industries.

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The field of public safety requires professionals who can make quick decisions in times of risk, emergency, or catastrophe. It also involves the creation and implementation of preventative measures to ensure continued safety.

What Can You Do with a Public Safety Management Degree?

Public Safety Management Degree program

With a public safety degree, there are numerous career paths that you may pursue. This program can help prepare you for a critical thinking administrative role in public safety, care, and security.

You can learn strategic planning, effective communication, and critical thinking leadership skills. This skill set is critical for a public safety administrator. Some professionals with this dynamic degree become efficient planners and implementers of safety plans and emergency responses in an organization or their community.

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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment for health and safety specialists is expected to grow 4% over the next ten years. Some public safety management careers include emergency management director, police chief, chief security officer, crisis analyst, health and safety specialist, and emergency management program specialist.

All these careers require on-your-feet responses from those in management.

5 Things You Can Do with a Public Safety Management Degree

Emergency Management Director

Following a public safety management degree, you may qualify for a number of jobs that require research, planning, and constant analysis on the safety of an organization or community. Here are a few jobs that fall under the umbrella of justice and public safety and care.

1. Emergency Management Director

Emergency management directors prepare plans for responding to emergencies in their communities and delegate these procedures to the population.

They are in charge of leading the response to situations such as natural disasters, and they often work with government agencies to implement these responses.

2. Chief Security Officer

Chief Security Officer

A chief security officer oversees the entire security management of a company. One goal of this role is to form a sense of connection and trust between departments. When a company runs as a smooth and unified organization, it can be more difficult for security threats to infiltrate it.

3. Police Chief

A police chief is in charge of the administration of an entire justice institution. They may manage patrol schedules while also overseeing cases. They are also responsible for responding to emergencies that require administrative insight.

4. Crisis Analyst

A crisis analyst is responsible for planning a response to potential humanitarian crisis situations. Often working directly with governments, they use community data and analyze available services to create procedures in case of an emergency.

5. Health and Safety Specialist

Health and safety specialists consistently test, analyze, and oversee the health and safety plans of an organization. They implement professional development for workers regarding health and safety measures, and they continuously assess risk within the workplace.

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They could be responsible for assessing the environment, the tools and equipment, the materials, or even the protective garments of employers.

Public Safety Management Careers & Salaries

Public Safety Management Careers & Salaries

Public safety management careers are dedicated to the care and security of community or organization members. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, here are some roles related to public safety management.

Careers Annual Median Salaries
Chief Executives $185,950
Medical and Health Services Managers $104,280
General and Operations Managers $103,650
Emergency Management Directors, Hospitals $87,920
Occupational Health and Safety Specialists $76,340
Emergency Management Directors, Local Government $70,130
Social and Community Service Managers $69,600
Police and Detectives $67,290
First-Line Supervisors of Correctional Officers $60,910
Occupational Health and Safety Technicians $53,340

Researching, preparing for, and minimizing risk are essential in nearly every industry and community. As such, there continues to be demand for individuals who are willing to provide this essential service to organizations and communities.

The salaries for individuals who earn a public safety management degree can vary significantly, as your pay is determined by a number of factors, including the role and industry you work in.

What Is Public Safety Management?

What Is Public Safety Management

Public safety management is a broad field that oversees the research and coordination required to plan and execute public safety during risk and emergency situations. It also involves maintaining that safety when conditions are ideal. These skills may be applied to organizations or communities, depending on the industry you’re working in.

Professionals in the field use their leadership and administrative skills to make quick decisions in stressful situations. It’s beneficial for those in public safety management to have excellent communication skills and to be dedicated to efficient recovery following risk or threat.

What Is a Public Safety Management Degree Good For?

A public safety management degree may lead to a variety of administrative roles in public service. With a focus on safety, justice, and protection of communities and organizations, you may have the opportunity to work in a number of different industries.

For example, some professionals in the field of public safety work as emergency management directors, health and safety specialists, emergency response team leaders, police chiefs, or even probation officers.

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The work of public safety management requires professionals who are quick-thinking and able to lead and work efficiently under stressful conditions.

What Do You Learn in Public Safety Management?

public safety management degrees

A public safety management degree merges practice and theory for students who are interested in public service, justice, and security.

A program’s curriculum will likely touch upon public administration, law enforcement administration, and health and safety regulations. You can also develop your critical thinking, communication, and leadership skills.

You’ll generally learn about laws, ethics, and topics related to public risk and emergency. You can also learn how to develop and implement responses for emergencies or catastrophic events in a community and an organizational setting.

What Are Some Careers in Public Safety?

Careers in Public Safety

Public safety is necessary in nearly every industry and community, so professionals with a background in public safety management may find themselves employed in a variety of roles.

Some work as chief security officers of large businesses, such as charity or non-profit organizations. Depending on their experience, others may find employment as a chief police officer in a small town or community.

Professionals in the field may also be employed as health and safety specialists or emergency management directors. The career paths you can pursue will often depend upon your education, geographical location, and industry of interest.

What Does a Public Safety Specialist Do?

Public Safety Specialist careers

A public safety specialist oversees the safety and security of a workplace. They are responsible for knowing, understanding, teaching, and implementing the regulations of the occupational safety and health administration.

They may also have regular professional development sessions with workers to ensure everything is functioning up to code. They can collect and analyze safety issues or hazards within an organization as well.

They the work they do, public safety specialists protect workers, the workplace, and the equipment in an organization.

How Much Money Can You Make with a Public Safety Management Degree?

Public Safety Management Degree careers

The salaries earned by individuals who hold a public safety management degree vary according to various factors, including their experience, geographical location, and industry of employment.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for emergency management directors is $76,250 per year. Health and safety specialists earn a median salary of $72,530, while those working in the manufacturing industry may make a median of $77,370.

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Other careers earn differentiated salaries as well. For instance, the median salary for social and community service managers is $69,600 (Bureau of Labor Statistics).

What’s the Difference Between a Public Safety Officer vs. Police Officer?

Though a public safety officer and a police officer may both have a background in public safety management, the work they do differs greatly.

Public Safety Officer Police Officer
  • Oversees the health and safety of an organization or community
  • Does not typically carry a firearm
  • Usually has health training, much like an EMT or firefighter
  • Oversees the general law, order, and safety of a community and its people
  • Has the right to arrest and carry a firearm
  • Can also deal with traffic violations

The roles of both these jobs can vary depending on the municipality you are employed in.

Is a Degree in Public Safety Management Worth It?

Degree in Public Safety Management

Yes, a degree in public safety management is worth it for many students. Careers in the field of public safety often help protect an organization or community. A role in this field can allow you to serve the public and make a positive impact.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that there will be a constant need for risk, safety, and emergency assessments by organizations and communities. So, demand should continue to exist for public safety management positions.

A wide variety of industries require the assistance of public safety administration. Examples include government agencies, security agencies, manufacturing, technological, and business organizations, and even schools and hospitals.

Getting Your Public Safety Management Degree Online

Public Safety Management Degree Online

If you enjoy critical thinking opportunities and are inspired by leadership roles in law, justice, and public service, then you might consider earning a public safety management degree online.

Online degree programs, such as an online bachelors or an online masters in public safety administration, can allow you to schedule your coursework around your personal or work obligations. This can enable you to pursue your studies while maintaining your lifestyle.

If you’re ready to begin your studies in public safety management, it’s strategic to research various programs from accredited universities to find the option that is best for you.

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