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Let’s take your knowledge and skills further with the perfect degree! Whether you’re seeking an online associate’s degree, online bachelor’s degree, online master’s degree, online PhD program, or a dual masters degree program online, Degree Planet can empower you to make the right decisions and choose the right steps toward success!

Online Classes – How Are They Different?

Earning a degree is an excellent investment for career-oriented individuals, but it always comes with two overwhelming barriers – the cost and flexibility.

In the past, students needed to invest a lot of money to earn a degree. They need to pay for the tuition, then spend money going to and from the school or live within the campus, which isn’t cheap either.

There’s also very little room for flexibility because students need to follow a predetermined schedule, regardless of their availability.

Online classes have gained a lot of traction over the years by tackling these issues. Generally, online degrees are more affordable, because it costs less to maintain and keep the curriculum within the regional standards of education.

Students also have the freedom to study wherever they want, even during their free time, due to the exceptional flexibility that online degrees offer. The chance to manage their schedule and learn at their own pace also brought forth the booming popularity of online courses.

All of these, together with the increasing standards for regional accreditation and exponential leaps in technology makes online classes very popular among students. It solves most issues that campus-based education has, and still guarantees the quality of learning and skill development.

Online Colleges – How Do They Work?

Online colleges can either be a department of a traditional school, an independent branch of a university, or an online-focused school that only serves classes through their online platform.

The courses can be a recording of an actual class or a video, solely made to fit the learning pace of students enrolled in the program.

Regardless of the method that a college may use to distribute their courses to students, they still need to be accredited. There are industry standards that a school needs to follow, ensuring that they provide education that employers will acknowledge when your degree is conferred.

Over the years, the process for accreditation and the standards for online colleges has increased. This phenomenon is due to the growing number of online schools that offer various degrees to students who are looking for cheaper and more flexible education.

Certification from an accrediting body or independent nonprofit organization ensures that a college follows the industry standards in terms of education. It guarantees the quality of discipline across multiple courses, the efficiency of the digital delivery of knowledge, and the development of specific skills.

Online Degrees

As technology progresses, the more advanced online degrees become, and the lesser the gap between online colleges and traditional universities gets.

With the increasing standards and continuous improvement in the delivery of knowledge, it has now come to a point where degrees earned from online programs are just as good as campus-based education.

Degrees typically don’t state whether you earned it through an online program or traditional school.

The value of the degree, and more importantly, the quality of education that you’ll receive from online colleges is the same as the ones that you’ll receive from campus-based learning program as both types of legitimate programs are regionally accredited.

There’s very little difference, aside from the fact that online degrees are often more affordable and flexible enough even for working professionals who want to take higher education for future career advancement.

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