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Many colleges offer online master’s programs.

Online Master's Programs

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If you’re looking for convenience,  an online master’s program may be a good option for you.

Online Master’s Programs

There is a wide variety of online options to choose from. No matter your career path, there’s very likely a master’s degree program to suit your needs.

Select the program that most interests you to jump to that section of the guide:

Regardless of the specialty you select, it can still help you build a strong foundation.


accountants having a meeting

If you have an undergraduate degree in accounting, finance, or economics, a master’s in accounting may be an easy transition. This field usually appeals to those who are good with numbers, logical and systematic. If you have an interest in the financial or accounting fields, this could help open doors to a wide array of relevant careers.

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Courses in the curriculum usually incorporate topics covering capital markets research, upper-level accounting classes, accounting, tax, and finance law, empirical research methods, forensic accounting, and more.

Potential jobs after graduation include tax and payroll accounting, government accounting, public accounting, forensic accounting, auditing, and compliance accounting.

Business Administration

business administrators working in the meeting

The most popular master’s degree in business administration is the MBA, or Master of Business Administration. Most schools require an undergraduate degree in business administration or a similar field. Some, but not all, also require you to take the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT).

If you would prefer not to take the GMAT, you can check out our guide here: Online MBA No GMAT Programs.

The course curriculum usually features advanced classes in business law, marketing, finance, accounting, and management. There’s also typically a heavy focus on management training, leadership development, organizational behavior, business strategies, and unique, innovative planning.

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In addition to business management, the program may prepare you for jobs in higher-level accounting, HR management, project management, business intelligence, consulting, or higher education.

Computer Science

computer programmers working in the office

The computer science master’s program may be right for you if you’re a fan of the STEM-related fields and enjoy developing, designing, and implementing innovative solutions to complex problems. Computer science covers many specific disciplines, including IT, networking, computer programming, software development, and more.

The curriculum will likely consist of many advanced-level computer science-related courses geared towards teaching you to solve the most difficult technological problems. It can also help you learn how to creatively use even the most difficult and obscure programming languages.

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Potential jobs include supervisory, managerial, or even director-level positions in computer science-related fields. Examples include computer hardware engineer, senior software developer, systems analyst, lead database administrator, and computer network architect.

Criminal Justice

police investigators working on a case

Criminal justice is a career field that can usually be entered into easily enough. When it comes to higher positions in the field, though, it can be a bit harder to advance without higher-level education.

If you want to eventually advance to some of the more esteemed positions – forensic psychologist, CIA analyst, or FBI agent – earning your master’s degree in criminal justice can help.

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The program is designed to provide students with the skills they need to rise through the ranks of the criminal justice system. Some common course topics include justice policy-making, analysis, analysis, and design of criminal justice research, cyber crime, emergency management, victimology, and advanced courses in crime prevention and control.


college professor teaching his students in computer class

A master’s degree in education can help prepare you for careers in education, educational leadership, or educational administration. It can also make it possible for you to teach at the post-secondary level.

A standard master’s level curriculum in education covers such topics as advanced childhood development, introduction to special education, incorporating technology use into the classroom, instructional leadership practices, and more. If you have a certain goal in mind, there are also concentrations on which you can streamline your focus.

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Some of these include STEM instruction, literacy for those with learning disabilities, literacy for ELL students, technology and learning instruction, leadership, and sports coaching, and special education. If you have a specific direction for your career, focusing your classes may help.


financial manager talking to clients

If you enjoy working with money and have a good head for numbers, a master’s degree in finance may open up many fulfilling career paths. This degree can lead to upper-level careers in entrepreneurial or corporate finance, private wealth consulting, and investment banking.

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If you’re pursuing a career as a certified personal accountant (CPA), this degree may also get you there. The degree usually takes about two years to earn, but there are several options for intensive, one-year programs as well.

The curriculum is a mixture of advanced accounting, economics, and finance classes coupled with courses on business leadership, statistical analysis, and financial reporting.

Healthcare Administration

healthcare administrators in a meeting

When it comes to a master’s degree in healthcare administration, there are two main options, the Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA) or Master of Business (MBA) in Healthcare Management. Both degrees can help prepare you for managerial or administrative positions in hospitals, healthcare clinics, or private doctors’ offices.

These degrees may lead to a career as a nursing director, hospital administrator, nursing home director, financial manager, or something similar. Your job responsibilities might include managing groups of people and determining their work schedules, overseeing the budget and business matters of your facility, and other administrative duties.

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Either degree may also lead to careers that are more specialized. Some of these include careers in global healthcare, strategic healthcare planning, healthcare law, and policy and finance in healthcare.

Human Resources

human resource managers interviewing an applicant

This program typically attracts people that enjoy working with people and have excellent communication skills. At the master’s level, students usually do quite a bit of research.

This degree can help prepare you for management positions in the human resources department. You’ll likely perform such tasks as recruiting and training new employees, mediating workplace problems, and monitoring current market, benefit, and compensation trends.

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With this degree, you might move into a supervisory or director’s position where you’d have the added responsibilities of managing the entire HR team, designing, and conducting distance learning webinars and creating assessment protocols for new hires. Courses you’ll have in this program can help prepare you for these new responsibilities.

Information Technology

IT Specialists working in the office

The field of information technology (IT) is very popular right now. While many jobs in the IT field can be had with only a bachelor’s degree, the highest paying ones typically require more education.

A master’s degree in information technology can help prepare you for several of these higher-level careers. It can also help you develop the knowledge and skills you need to move into a doctoral program in information technology or several other similar computer science fields.

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Common careers at this level are project manager, information technology director, senior software engineer, systems administrator, and business analyst.


manager assisting a colleague in the office

A master’s program in management may lead to a larger variety of potential career fields than just about any other master’s degree. Regardless if you work in healthcare, retail, construction, or technology, managers are needed.

A master’s in management can help prepare you to work in any of these fields by giving you a broad overview of the management field that can be applied to nearly any profession.

This program typically covers organizational theory and behavior, network theory, research skills, and various social science topics. It also commonly provides an advanced look at business finance, economics, and human resources management.

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Management programs are generally fast-paced. If you’re an excellent multi-tasker with promising leadership qualities, you should do well. In addition to management careers, you may also use this degree as a stepping stone to becoming a policy analyst, professor of business, or management consultant.


marketing team in a meeting

If you’re creative, outspoken, friendly and a good salesperson, you may be well suited to marketing and might consider enrolling in a master’s level marketing program. Strong public speaking skills and a love of design can also be helpful.

In addition to general marketing, there are also master’s programs in specific types of marketing, such as sports marketing, digital marketing, and public relations. Each of these programs usually primarily focus on learning to brand and sell products.

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Topics covered in the course curriculum usually include global marketing, marketing principles, and advanced courses in statistics, brand management, and analysis. There is a wide variety of potential careers for graduates of this program, including PR specialist, research analyst, and social media marketer and marketing manager.


nurse working in the hospital

There is a wide variety of potential master’s programs in the field of nursing. While most are Master of Science Nursing (MSN) degrees, the specific focus of each one is different. Some popular programs include Master of Science degrees in

  • Pain Management Nursing
  • Critical Care Nursing
  • Nursing Research
  • Family Nurse Practitioner
  • Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

Regardless of the specific program you enter, there’s one thing. The world will always need nurses, making this a safe career choice for many.

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In addition to a possible pay raise, an MSN degree may also give you access to administrative or directorial roles in your facility. Most programs have a heavy focus on both healthcare administration and leadership.


psychologist talking to a teen patient

As with psychology degrees at every level, there are a few characteristics that can help you be successful. These include a strong sense of empathy, exceptional listening skills, enjoy research, and have an intense dedication to your career.

While there are some rewarding and lucrative careers available for undergraduate degree holders in psychology to pursue, many jobs require a graduate degree. With a master’s in psychology, you may work as a counselor inside a school, hospital, or prison.

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This degree is also often a stepping-stone for a Ph.D. in psychology, which is needed to become a clinical psychologist or psychiatrist.

A psychology master’s degree is usually one of the more quickly earned degrees, taking somewhere between 30 and 36 hours of college credit. If you take classes full-time, you may be able to earn this degree in less than two years.

Social Work

social worker interviewing a household owner

Some of the traits that make a good social worker are empathy, kindness, and genuine love and concern for others. If you have these traits and a desire to work in social work, you might want to pursue your MSW, or Master of Social Work.

There are several specialized degrees within this field. These can include veteran services, social worker to the disabled, trauma worker or counselor, mental health social work, and social work with children. An MSW can also help prepare you to work in social work administration.

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An MSW can help prepare you to enter a doctoral program. It also often the first step to earning many social work licenses, such as the LMSW (Licensed Master of Social Work.)

Online Master’s Curriculum & Courses

masters degree student studying online

The types of courses you’ll take in a master’s program will depend on your major. Here are some possible class examples:

  • Financial Management – In this course, students learn about the principles of financial decision-making. Topics covered typically include principles of capital structure, determining costs, and portfolio theory.
  • Personal Leadership – This course can help you cultivate skills like active listening, effective mentoring, and empowering others in order to be an exemplary leader.
  • Theories of Learning – If you’re working towards your master’s in education, this class can help you learn about students’ different learning styles and how to incorporate them into your lessons for maximum efficiency.
  • Organizational Development in Healthcare – This class discusses management, leadership, and organizational assessment within healthcare facilities.
  • Principles of Programming Languages – If you’re in any of the computer science fields, this class can help you obtain advanced information on different programming languages used for web and software development.
  • Advanced Pathology – This is an advanced-level nursing course that teaches nurses how to read and understand the most difficult pathology reports.
  • Social Welfare and Social Work – Here students examine social welfare problems and how to deal with them in their everyday work. How politics and economics affect social welfare is also typically covered.
  • Brand Strategy – This class can help you learn about what a brand is, how customers perceive it, and how to market it to stakeholders and customers alike.
  • Forensic Psychology – This class teaches how to use psychology in a criminal or forensic setting to interview suspects, collect evidence, and testify at trials.
  • Cyber Crime Investigation – This is an in-depth class in the field of cyber security. It teaches how to recognize, prevent, and stop these crimes once they’ve happened.

Depending on your specific major, your classes may be quite different. Course curricula for master’s programs are usually listed on the program’s website.

Online Master’s Careers & Salaries

Online Master’s Careers & Salaries

The master’s degree you earn will largely determine the types of jobs for which you’ll be eligible.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average person with a master’s degree is paid about $12,000 more a year than someone with a bachelor’s degree. Here are a few of the careers that may interest you:

Careers Annual Median Salary
Computer and Information Systems Manager $151,150
Marketing Manager $142,170
Financial Manager $134,180
Human Resources Manager $121,220
Public Relations and Fundraising Manager $118,430
Software Developer $110,140
Medical and Health Services Manager $104,280
Management Analyst $87,660
Postsecondary Teacher $80,790
School and Career Counselor $58,120

From this shortlist, it’s easy to see the average salary for jobs for master’s degree holders is well above the salary for most American workers.

As is usually the case, professions in the computer, business and management fields generally pay the highest, with medical careers somewhere in the middle and education towards the bottom of the spectrum. Even so, with a master’s degree, educators are typically paid fairly well.

Choosing an Online Master’s Degree

masters degree student thinking while studying online

Even though there are affordable master’s programs, graduate-level degrees still cost too much money to throw away on a bad program. That’s why it’s so important to find the right program before spending your money.

To find the right program, you should put together a list of what you need out of your master’s program experience and compare that against different schools. There are several factors to consider when making these comparisons.

First, make sure the program has your desired major. For example, if you’re sure you want to earn your master’s in nursing and the college you’re looking at doesn’t have a nursing master’s program, you can safely dismiss that one.

masters degree student studying online

Next, you should make sure the cost of the school is within your budget. Many colleges have “cost of attendance” calculators on their websites. For every school you’re considering, visit the website.

Look up the tuition rates and fees. Plug everything into the cost of attendance calculator if there is one. Make sure the program fits into your budget.

Other factors to consider are how long the program lasts, what the student-to-teacher ratio looks like, and whether or not you’ll be required to present a thesis at the end of the program. For some people, this is a big turn-off. For others, it’s no problem at all, but it’s always good to know the requirements beforehand either way.

Admissions Requirements

masters degree student studying for exam

After you’ve found the right school for you, the next step is applying. It’s important you meet all the admissions requirements the school requests in order to be considered for enrollment as soon as possible. Some of the most common admissions requirements in a master’s program are:

  • Application & Essay – An application is standard at any college. At the master’s level, you’ll probably also have to write an essay on why you’re interested in that particular program, why the school should consider you, and what your plans are.
  • Letters of Recommendation – Along with your application packet, a school usually also wants you to submit one to three recommendation letters from people who think you’d do well in the program.
  • Official Transcripts – Your official transcripts will show your high school graduation status, college degree conferred, GPA and standardized test scores, and all the classes you’ve taken in college and how you did in them. Colleges want official copies of these so they have a full picture of your academic history.

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Other requirements may include an application fee or a list of any internships or work experience you’ve had that’s relevant to what you’ll be doing in the graduate program.

Benefits of an Online Master’s Program

masters degree student studying online

There are a few reasons you may want to choose an online program over a standard, on-campus program.

  • Flexibility – With online programs, you don’t have to go to campus two or three days a week. There are even some online programs that offer work-at-your-own pace schedules, which provide ultimate flexibility.
  • Lower Costs – There are some online programs that are much cheaper than on-campus programs. You will also save money on travel costs.
  • Transfer Credits – Many online programs allow you to transfer relevant work or military experience into actual college credit. This can save you time and money.
  • Shows Impressive Qualities – Being able to complete an online master’s program shows you have great time management skills, determination, and are self-motivated. These are all qualities employers like.
  • Improves Your Computer/Tech Skills – Online programs require you to use all kinds of software and apps you may have never even heard of before. This may give you new and impressive computer skills.

These are only some of the many benefits of online degree programs.


Online Masters Accreditation

Making sure your college has regional accreditation by one of the seven regional accreditation agencies is also important. Without regional accreditation, you have no guarantee your credits will be transferable or employers will accept your degree. With regional accreditation, you can be reasonably certain of both of those things.

You can check the accreditation of most schools by looking at its official website. If, for some reason, you can’t find the information there, you can also look up the school on the Department of Education’s website.

They have a searchable database of schools called the Database of Accredited Postsecondary Institutions and Programs that lets you check the accreditation status of any U.S. school.

Financial Aid & Scholarships

financial aid for master's students

There are three main types of financial aid available to help with funding your education – grants, loans, and scholarships.

Although graduate students aren’t eligible for the federal Pell Grant, you can still apply for federal loans by filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). You can also apply for other, non-government student loans at banks and other institutions that lend people money.

Scholarships, which may be found on your school’s official website, are usually free money that doesn’t have to be repaid. You may also find scholarships through professional organizations, your workplace, and community organizations.

Grants and fellowships are also popular financial aid options at the graduate level. They can usually be found in the same places you find scholarships.

Get Your Master's Degree Online

Can You Get Your Master’s Degree Online?

There are several different master’s programs you can find online.

Some of the most popular are business, management, finance, and psychology, but they’re by no means the only ones.

Are Online Masters Programs Worth it?

Yes, online masters programs are worth it for many professionals. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment for jobs requiring a master’s degree for entry is projected to grow 15% over the next 10 years. That is much faster than the average for all occupations.

How Much Does it Cost to Get Your Masters Degree Online?

master's degree student studying online

On average, a master’s degree program costs between $500 and $650 per credit hour. There are some master’s programs, which are cheaper than this.

There are also some that are much more expensive, but that’s the average rate.

Are There Any Online Masters Programs that Don’t Require the GRE?

There are actually several online master’s programs that don’t require you to take either the GRE or the GMAT for entrance into them.

A few of the schools that do require the tests will waive that requirement if your grades and GPA are high enough.

Are There any Affordable Online Master’s Programs?

Although the average cost per credit hour of a master’s program is between $500 and $650, there are some programs considerably cheaper than that.

There are also plenty of financial aid options available.

Is an Online Master’s Degree Credible?

master's degree student studying at home

As long as your online master’s program has regional accreditation, it should be just as credible as any master’s degree earned on a college campus.

How Long Does it Take to finish an Online Master’s Program?

Depending on the program, a master’s degree may take anywhere from one to four years to earn. The length of time it takes to get a master’s degree is usually between two and three years.

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There are also several programs that offer fast-paced or accelerated programs. These programs can shorten that time frame quite a lot.

Universities Offering Online Masters Degree Programs

Methodology: The following school list is in alphabetical order. To be included, a college or university must be regionally accredited and offer degree programs online or in a hybrid format.

Amberton University

Amberton University

Created in 1971 with the idea of offering a Christian-based education to students in the Garland, TX area, Amberton University is a private school with two campuses and a dynamic distance-learning program.

Bachelor’s and master’s degrees at AU are taught with a faith-based, rigorous curriculum. Work and military experience are often used as college credit.

Amberton University is regionally accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

Arizona State University

Arizona State University

Students looking to find a program to fit their individual needs, often look no further than Arizona State University. Finding its beginning in 1886, Arizona State is a state-of-the-art public education to students looking to become innovative leaders.

Many of the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degrees, can be obtained through distance learning and in person.

Arizona State University is accredited by the Higher Learning Committee.

Averett University

Averett University

Averett University is home to a co-educational private postsecondary school whose main campus sits in Danville, VA. Beginning in 1859, Averett University is affiliated with the Baptist church and Helps students find success in undergraduate and master’s degree programs, both on-campus and online.

Some of the popular campuses include its flight center and its equestrian center.

Averett University is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges.

Brandman University

Brandman University

Finding a program that leads to an associate, bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree at Brandman University Is a smooth process for many students. Brandman University has been offering a sound education since 1958. This private school has a variety of skill-based and course-based programs to meet the needs of students from all walks of life.

Brandman University is accredited by the WSCUC Senior College and University Commission.

City University of Seattle

City University of Seattle

As a top school nationwide for busy adults (U.S. News & World Report), City University of Seattle serves a global student population online and on-campus.

Starting in 1973, City University has flexible, innovative degree programs for students to reach an undergraduate or graduate degree in more than sixty programs and help hem network with alumni from some of the area’s top companies.

The City University of Seattle is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.

Colorado State University

Colorado State University

Research is an essential aspect for students looking for a groundbreaking, creative public college experience. Colorado State University has been offering students this since 1870 and continues to evolve in technology and exploration in its many undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs.

Serving students internationally through distance learning is a strength of CSU.

Colorado State is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission.

Concordia University – Chicago

Concordia University - Chicago

Offering a culture-centered private education, Concordia University – Chicago started in 1864 as a private, faith-based school. CU-Chicago gives students countless opportunities to network through internships, co-ops, and events while earning a BA, BS, MA, or doctoral degree.

With five colleges and online classes, busy adults have great success at Concordia.

Concordia University Chicago is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

Florida Tech

Florida Tech

1958 marks the beginning of the Florida Institute of Technology’s long history of offering research-based education to students all over the world. This private university sets the bar high for providing cutting-edge technology in all of its bachelor’s, masters, or doctoral programs.

With esteemed faculty, including astronauts and engineers, FIT has hands-on academics to help prepare students for the career world.

Florida Tech is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges.

Golden Gate University

Golden Gate University

Ranked highly as a school for adult education (Washington Monthly), Golden Gate University delivers private educational services to students around the world. Helping military members and civilians gain an undergraduate or graduate degree, GGU also has a path to a degree in law. It has been leading the way in educational service for working adults since 1901.

Golden Gate University is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins University opened in 1876 and is the nation’s first school to offer research as part of the foundation of its curriculum.

As a private university internationally recognized for excellence in technology, advancement, and positive contributions to society, John Hopkins offers degrees that range from undergraduate to postdoctoral in an assortment of programs.

Johns Hopkins University is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

Johnson and Wales University

Johnson and Wales University

Johnson and Wales University teaches students to think creatively and research all possible solutions to solve real-world problems.

Beginning in 1914 as a private postsecondary school, Johnson and Wales have a diverse range of online and on-campus programs that allow students to earn BA, BS, MA, or doctoral degrees to build life and career skills.

JWU is accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education.

Logan University

Logan University

Since 1935, Logan University has been helping students acquire the education needed to advance in a career in the health field. Logan is a private university that gives busy students an online option to obtain a DHPE, master’s degree, or a bachelor’s degree in several medical-related programs.

Logan offers on-campus classes for those who prefer face-to-face learning.

Logan University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

National University

National University

National University is continuously breaking new ground to provide students with more education opportunities by adding new campuses, new programs, and new ways to earn one of the many associates, BA, BS, MA, or doctoral degrees offered.

Since 1971, National University has been a leader in private education, giving service members and civilians a first-rate education.

National University is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

Nova Southeastern University

Nova Southeastern University

Nova Southeastern University offered degree programs for students looking to complete their degree quicker and who need a strong focus on fewer classes at once. Nova Southeastern is a private facility that started in 1964.

Since then, it had added over 150 programs that are based on research and technology to help students earn an undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral degree.

NSU is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges.

Pennsylvania State University – World Campus

Pennsylvania State University

Pennsylvania State University World Campus is an internationally recognized public school that has offered affordable education opportunities to students around the world since 1998.

Catering to military members and their families, Penn State-Global allows related work and military experience to become college credits used towards an associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate.

Penn State World Campus is regionally accredited by Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.

Prescott College

Prescott College

Since its beginning in the 1960s, Prescott College takes pride in its ability to use non-traditional methods to teach future leaders and thinkers to take on the challenge of helping to make the world a better place.

This private educational institution uses collaborative instruction, experiential teaching, and rigorous academics that lead to undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Prescott College is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

Regent University

Regent University

Based on the ideas set forth by Christian values and faith, Regent University has offered a first-class education since 1977. Its main campus sits on Virginia’s beautiful beach. Still, its online programs allow international students to take part in some of the best undergraduate, graduate, and law programs that a private college can offer (U.S. News & World Report).

Regent University is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges.

Regis University

Regis University

Going beyond the bounds of traditional education, Regis University has worked to find new ways to offer a sound, private education to working adults since 1927. Its undergraduate and graduate programs are based on research and hands-on learning that allow students first-hand knowledge of the latest innovations in their field.

Professional degree programs are also offered at Regis University.

Regis University is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission.

Touro University Worldwide

Touro University Worldwide

With roots that spread from 1790, when educational visionaries became inspire by George Washington, Touro University Worldwide developed in 1970 and is now a private school with spiritual ideals of inclusion for all. Touro University’s bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees incorporate its ideas of social justice and community service to those in need.

Touro University Worldwide is accredited by the WASC Senior College and University Commission.

University of Illinois – Springfield

University of Illinois - Springfield

Starting as a public land grant postsecondary school in 1969, the University of Illinois – Springfield now enables more than 5,000 students a year to attain a better education that is grounded in liberal arts and rigor.

With over twenty-five undergrad, twenty graduate, and doctoral programs, the University of Illinois helps students reach their educational goals.

The University of Illinois Springfield is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

University of Maryland Global Campus

University of Maryland Global Campus

University of Maryland Global Campus’s public postsecondary school began in 1947 and now unites students globally though on-campuses and online programs that lead to undergraduate and graduate degrees in an assortment of program options.

Helping working adults earn their education is pertinent to the University of Maryland-Global. Students may turn real-world experiences, like military and work, into college credits.

UMGC is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

University of West Alabama

University of West Alabama

Founded in 1835 as a small school for women, the University of West Alabama was initially supported by the church. It now stands as part of a large public university system that serves thousands of students annually. Offering a path to an AA, AS, BA, BS, MA, or a doctorate, it has many clubs and sports for students to connect.

The University of West Alabama is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges.

Walsh College

Walsh College

Walsh College is a world-renowned business that offers a private education to students looking to advance in their careers by participating in one of the bachelor’s or master’s degrees offered at Walsh.

Its main campus sits in Walsh, MI, but with three satellite campuses and a vigorous distance-learning program, Walsh College reaches thousands of students around the world.

Walsh College is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission.

Western Governors University

Western Governors University

Western Governors University gives busy adults a new way to explore their educational options by providing self-paced programs that lead to BA, BS, or master’s degrees.

Western Governors started in 1997 and has been providing a dynamic private education since. Teaching student the essential knowledge needed, WGU build career leaders in a variety of fields.

Western Governors University is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.

Wilmington University

Wilmington University

Offering a small teacher to student ratio, Wilmington University has been helping students further their education since 1968. Students get a personal touch at WU’s private school that helps them be successful in one of the many associates, bachelor’s, and master’s degree programs.

WU’s doctoral programs offer advancement in research and technology to bring students to the next level.

Wilmington University is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

Getting Your Master’s Degree Online

master's degree student studying online

Earning your master’s degree may lead to promotions, entirely new job opportunities, and higher pay. Earning your master’s degree online may be the easiest, most convenient way to do that. Students often have much greater flexibility in online programs than in on-campus programs, and many online programs are even cheaper than on-campus programs.

Also, these days, more and more universities are offering quick online masters degree programs, which may speed up the time it takes to earn your degree.

There are more master’s programs in more fields being moved online now than ever before. No matter what your profession, or desired profession, there is probably an online master’s program available in that field.

Don’t waste any more time trying to worry about how to fit a graduate program in your schedule. Enroll in an online one today.

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Jordan Meeks
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